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Zambia SafarisWhen you think of Africa you think of a safari. Picturing yourself in the  bush with nothing but the animals for company, listening to the sounds of Africa as the sun goes down. The reality on many safaris is very different, paved roads, traffic jams, queues of other "safari" vehicles around the animals, it can be very disappointing. It doesn't have to be like this, take the short hop to Zambia and go on the safari of your imagination, no roads, no traffic, just you, the animals, and the mighty Zambezi river. Come and stay with us at our own lodge (The Lonely Planets pick of safari lodges in Zambia) in The Zambezi valley, recently described by Travel Africa magazine as "one of Africa's last great wildernesses". We've got various options to choose from and when you've finished your safari why not finish your visit to Zambia with a trip to see one of the wonders of the world, The Victoria Falls.

  • Accommodation ranging from safari tents to en suite rooms with baths
  • Canoe safaris on the Zambezi
  • Walking safaris
  • Game Drives
  • Tiger fishing
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